World Mental Health Day

Monday 10th October

Mental Health is when you feel happy and healthy in your mind. Eating healthily, being active, getting enough sleep and going outside to get fresh air are all things that can help our minds stay healthy.

The Health and Wellbeing Vertical Group have a few challenges you could try either on World Mental Health Day or any other day to help you maintain good mental health.



– Finlay and Cameron in P6 challenge you to play a sport you enjoy.

– Lucy in P7 and Olivia in P6 challenge you to go swimming and see how many lengths you can do in 5 minutes.

– Lucy in P5 challenges you to complete a Just Dance or Joe Wicks workout on YouTube.



– Karen in P7 challenges you to get the recommended sleep schedule for your age.

– Matas in P4 challenges you to go to bed early.

– Chantelle in P5 challenges you to listen to relaxing music to help you sleep.



– Nia and Aria in P3 challenge you to eat 5 fruit or vegetables a day.

– Carys in P5 challenges you to make healthy swaps like salad instead of chips.

– Dana in P6 challenges you to make a healthy recipe.



– Mason and McKayla in P4 challenge you to build a wee birdhouse.

– Grace in P5 challenges you to play a game outdoors.

– Theo in P3 and Carson in P4 challenge you to take a long Autumn walk and see what leaves you can find.

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